Beauty &
Personal Care

Invest in exceptional packaging for all your Beauty and Personal Care products.


Pressure-Sensitive Labels 

Well-suited for bottles, jars, tubes and other rigid or squeezable containers, pressure-sensitive labels offer exceptional design versatility. A wide array of materials are available, including films that conform and flex with your container, and clear label materials that blend seamlessly for a no-label look. 

Expanded-Content Labels (ECL) 

Available in the form of a booklet label, wrap-around label or 2-ply label, expanded-content labels are widely used for beauty and personal care product labeling. With the extra label realestate, you can easily accommodate drug-facts, instructions-for-use, important warnings, multi-lingual translations, social media branding, and more. Tursso is ready to assist, with decades of expertise and our broad ECL offering, including InfoPac® Leaflet and Bound Booklet ECLs, X-PandaLabel® Wrap-Around™ ECLs and MultiLabel 2-Ply ECLs.

Sample Sachets

Ideal for new product sampling programs, sample sachets are an effective way for our beauty and personal care clients to test market their latest products, increase brand awareness and boost product sales. Additionally, due to their small size, sample sachets are convenient for travel and for meeting the needs of today’s on-the-go consumers.

Peel & Reseal Packaging

Growing in popularity, peel & reseal packaging is a combination of a flexible package and a reclosable label. This consumer-friendly packaging design is ideal for wipes applications, offering easy access to the products through the top of the package. Call on Tursso to assist you in developing your next successful peel & reseal package. 

Folded Inserts and Booklets

Often used for beauty and personal care products in combination with a primary carton, folded inserts and booklets are used widely to communicate important product information, including instructions for use, multiple language translations, promotional, and warning information. A variety of sizes and folding configurations are available to fit seamlessly within the overall packaging scheme.