Decades of Expanded-Content Label Innovation

Inform and comply with ECL solutions that perform.

With brand owners coming face-to-face with new and evolving regulatory challenges, it’s no question why many have sought the help of label professionals to bring their packaging into government compliance. Tursso’s sophisticated expanded-content labels (ECLs) solve some of these pressing challenges by providing the extra copy space needed to communicate essential product information. Tursso’s compact and user-friendly ECL solutions provided versatility to fit any container. Product applications include Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care items, Foods, and Ag-Chem products.

Say more and waste less.

While ECLs dramatically expand the copy area of your product label, they also provide the ability to eliminate the need for a carton or insert. In addition, ECLs can help you reduce your label SKUs by accommodating multi-lingual copy translations. Let us help you reduce your carbon footprint and overall packaging spend with Tursso’s innovative ECL products.

InfoPac® Leaflet and Bound Booklet ECLs

Combining a leaflet or bound booklet with a traditional adhesive base label, Tursso’s patented InfoPac® expanded-content label (ECL) provides clients with vast label space to communicate important brand and product information.

X-PandaLabel® Wrap-Around™ ECLs

When it comes to cylindrical product containers such as bottles, jars, syringes, and vials, Tursso’s X-PandaLabel® Wrap-around™ expanded-content label (ECL) design is a go-to solution.

MultiLabel 2-Ply ECLs

Allowing for up to three times the amount of information contained on a standard product label, Tursso’s MutiLabel 2-ply expanded-content label (ECL) is an effective way to deliver important product information without the need for additional packaging.